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General News

Blackburn Big V Coaching Positions


The Blackburn Vikings are seeking interested persons to fill the following coaching positions at Big V level.

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Casey men sign two key additions


The Casey Cavaliers are welcoming two key additions to their 2018 Big V squad as they look to improve on their State Championship Men’s record

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Craigieburn Eagles administrator position available


The Craigieburn Eagles are seeking interested persons to take up their vacant administrator position

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Whittlesea Pacers score rising star


The Whittlesea Pacers are excited to announce a rising star in their ranks for the upcoming 2018 Big V season

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Frankston announce 2018 Big V coaches


The Frankston Blues have announced their head coaches for their 2018 Big V Youth League teams

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Werribee announce new State Championship Men head coach


The Werribee Devils have announced their newest addition to the State Championship Men’s team

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Shepparton Gators open trainings


The Shepparton Gators are opening their training doors for their Division One Men’s team in search of talent for the upcoming season

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Frankston Youth League Women’s head coaching vacancy


The Frankston Blues are asking for interested persons to apply for their Youth League Women’s head coaching position

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Sherbrooke announce slate of signings


The Sherbrooke have signed a trio of players across their program over the past fortnight

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Hume City announce import duo


The Hume City Broncos are excited to announce their import duo suiting up for their SCW team in #BIGV18

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